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to Krookka!


to Krookka!

Krookka area is the pearl of Merikarvia! In this traditional fishing port and marina, you can still enjoy the wonderful scents of smoked fish and sea.

The Krookka harbour is full of diverse events and encounters in the summertime.  Krookan Kryssi Inn is open every day during the summer season. Art Gallery  Savu offers art exhibitions and wonderful shows. And no one can say no to the fish delights of Eljas Santa!

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Inn Krookan Kryssi





 Krookan Kryssi is a local inn founded in 2019. We serve straightforward food, drinks and unique archipelago athmosphere..

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Villa Suvanto B&B

Accomodation at

Villa Suvanto


Suvanto B&B

Over 100 years old logwalls of Villa Suvanto b&b offer you excellent dreams! Idyllic bed&breakfast is located only 10 minutes drive from Krookka area. You are most welcome to be our guest at Villa Suvanto!!

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Services of Krookka area

Services of Krookka area

There are lot of different services at Krookka area. Use following links to get to know these!